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Microgreens in agar-agar alfalfa

Microgreens in agar-agar alfalfa

All you need to grow alfalfa through agar-agar and without having to water.
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Agar-agar is an extract of seaweed that after heating is in the form of vegetable gelatine.

The micro-vegetables are the first leaves of vegetables, which are harvested very early, have an intense taste, are quite healthy and have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals beneficial to health.

The agar is used to replace the substrate or soil and simply add 2 grams of agar with half a liter of water and heat until boiling. After cooling it is to spread the seeds and wait 10-15 days to be able to harvest the microverduras. The agar will "feed" the vegetables, being a simple way to grow your own vegetables so that they can accompany the meals.

A recycled wine bottle, instructions, 3 packages of agar-agar and 1 packet of organic seeds.

  1. Cut the bag, remove the agar-agar and the seeds packet.
  2. Open a package of agar-agar (2 grams) and put in a pan with half liter water. Place the pan on the stove and remove it when it starts to boil.
  3. Move the boiled water into the bag or other recipient. After one hour the agar will solidify as a gel.
  4. After that time, open the package and put the seeds (equivalent to a teaspoon of tea) on top of agar-agar.
  5. Place in a dark place for 3 days.
  6. When the seeds start to germinate (become yellowish), put the bag in a place with plenty of natural light but no direct sun.
  7. After 10 to 15 days, the microgreens can be harvested.

How much seeds should be used?

Two teaspoons of mustard and radish and a spoonful of arugula and alfalfa

Does it require sun?

Microgreens do not like direct sun.

How to water?

This agar-agar kit does not need to be watered. The microgreens will absorb water from the gelatin.

The microgreens are yellow or fallen

It is normal that when germinating they have a yellowish tone because they are in the dark. When they are in natural light, they will quickly turn green. If microgreens are fallen, it may indicate direct exposure to the sun.

How to cut?

Use scissors and cut just above the agar. You can eat leaves and stems.

Will it grow again?

No, after harvesting you should start the process again. You have 3 packets of agar-agar.

How much is the shipping cost

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How long does it take to deliver?

The scheduled delivery date for Europe is 3-4 days.

How can I pay?

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